Opinions, Advice, Fiction, Political rants
Opinions, Advice, Fiction, Political rants

One of the divides between the "baby boomer" generation and the "millenials" has to do with the co-option of the word "liberal". Yes yes, if we are "among friends" it is a code, a word that you are in good company. My parents and their friends said it with pride. I was a liberal, and damn proud!

Now, you tell me to move on. Get to the point, you forgot the important part, the part where the Republicrats stole 'our' word and made "Liberal" something the People did not want to besmirch their children's ears with; a word that shouldn't fall from any decent person's lips.


They paid people, you say. You keep telling me about the buzzing, the hosts of media and swarms of adverts decrying the word, making it filthy and ugly and gross. But the point is that the word is an empty signifier, a vacant lot.

Forty-nine times I'll repeat it: I'm 23 and the word liberal gives me a shudder, because it stands for everything I don't want to be, but currently am: Calcified, stodgy. Boring, mean, condescending. I apply the label of 'free', which is the true meaning of the word, however it sticks to me and the more I rub, the gooier the adhesive becomes, my 'Liberal' bumper sticker messing up my nice car. The "Liberals" I know aren't like that, so I think that "Liberals" deserve a better word.

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